The Only Way to Create Wealth is to Invest.

Grant Cardone, a thirty five year veteran to the real estate game. With over $2.5 billion under management Cardone has always been seen as a forward thinking business operator. He is often called on by Fortune 500 companies and real estate leaders for his practical business ideas and strategies. Cardone is a preferred borrower with Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Life Insurance Co’s and one of the fastest growing privately held real estate companies today.

I am offering you real estate investment opportunities that were never before available to the everyday investor, cutting out the middleman, and giving you the five benefits below:

  • Cash Flow
  • Amortization
  • Tax Benefits
  • Leverage
  • Appreciation
Cardone Capital continues to grow as an equity firm and as a disrupter with cutting-edge approaches to investments and wealth creation.

How it works?


We Buy

Cardone Capital finds the deals, negotiates the purchase and financing, and closes the deal.


You Invest

Accredited & Non-Accredited Investors become partners in the actual real estate. This is Not a Reit or Stock


We Collect Rents

Our portfolio of properties generates monthly rental payments from our creditworthy tenants.


You Get Paid* ***

We pay out cash distributions monthly to you, the investor.

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